Photography has been a passion since my very early years growing up in Atlanta. One of my most memorable Christmas presents was a Kodak Brownie camera. Our family dog was a constant subject, my first roll of 24 pictures were almost exclusively pet pictures.  Film processing wasn’t cheap, however, so my parents helped me learn to control my desire to snap a picture of anything. In the 70’s I bought my first 35mm SLR and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Kodachrome” became my theme song. I believe our children were among the most photographed generation ever.

With the advent of digital cameras and computer-based post processing, my passion for photography achieved new levels. With retirement in 2012, I now find plenty of time to devote to learning more and improving technique. Taking things to the next level, I have completed an extensive series of online courses and I am currently taking classes at the University of North Georgia.

I love to travel to new locations, places I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. Our many charters to locations in the Caribbean and the intracostal waterway have been a great source of material. Outdoor photography is my preference and I’ve had a good shoot when I capture unique, non-traditional views of my subjects.

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