Helene Gardelle began her artistic education in Paris where she studied art history and  museology at the renowned   Ecole du Louvre. She pursued her art education formation in Germany and in Italy with the sculptor Rosanna Costa.

Helene exhibited in the Loire valley,  in the south of France and Canada. She lives now in Georgia, her works are currently exhibited at the Raiford Gallery in Roswell and Daedalus Gallery in Savannah.

Helene’s  preferred  medium is clay: “ Working with earth requires one to strike a balance between boldness and humility. I always remember when my hands are working in clay that I am a mere link in the chain. Clay encompasses absolute memory, therefore it holds each passage, each gesture. When I cut into clay, it is as though a small window in the time has been opened.

Clay has the ability to capture the purest of emotions. Manipulating clay allows me the privilege to work with the four life sustaining elements: earth, water, air and fire. “

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