Bowen Membership

Be a 2021 member…make a difference!

As a Bowen Member, your support helps make our art programs successful and allow us to continue to grow the arts in the community.  For twenty years, The Bowen has continued to expand programs and events covering a wide spectrum of cultural activities with art exhibits, workshops, musical events, social gatherings, fundraisers, and festivals.  We are confident that our planned programs will continue to make your membership and participation a fun and great experience. And we’re still celebrating our 20th Anniversary when the Bowen opened in September, 2000.

Memberships start at $50 per year. New member payment is due once a membership application is accepted. If you sign up at $100+ level you receive a free gift!  Members always receive a 10% discount on all purchases in the gift shop.  Artist members receive a higher percentage of the sales price for their items for sale in the gift shop than non members, as well as the opportunity to be selected as our Artist of the Month to display 7 works in the art gallery. Those joining October 1 to December 31 will not be required to pay again until January of the following year.

Special member discounts offered in Gift Shop and select Events. Join in the fun – Be a Member – Volunteer. Pictured is Jack Anthony’s aerial of the view from the Bowen. Thanks Jack!

To join, simply complete the attached Membership Form and drop it at The Bowen, or mail to:  The Bowen, PO Box 849, Dawsonville, GA 30534. OR grab our PDF Membership Form by clicking here:  2021 MembershipForm

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