Atlanta may have the busiest air hub, but the Bowen had the coolest hanger because the North Georgia Model Aviators visited once again!  This FREE EVENT featured fun and excitement from February 10 to 24 with over 350 visitors enjoying a huge display of amazing machines.

The Bowen skyline was full of planes, all runways were be busy with touch and goes, and every tie down will feature another incredible bird. Docents were on hand everyday to welcome guests, answer questions and to man the NGMA “Getting Started/Flight Training” Station flight simulator and learning lots of information on getting started in the hobby. Learn the types of training models and view the Member’s starter aircraft, complete with all the bumps and bruises of learning to fly.

The club introduced their exciting new Junior Flight Program  to the next generation of RC pilots with Dawson! With this educational initiative they will introduce students to background knowledge on model aviation at one of their three-hour introductory events. It will feature four Flight Stations – RC Basics, Ground School, Simulator Training and hands-on Flight Training. One day, these Junior Aviators will be our next pilots, scientists, and super  techies. 

Our thanks go out to Event Coordinator Michael Smallwood, TJ Klise, Greg English, Ronald Gaynor and all club member participants and their families of this wonderful Club for their dedication and hard work in bringing us this incredible display.

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