Artist Chris Lundy has left quite an impression on a local grocery store.

The art teacher at Riverview Elementary School in Dawsonville completed a commission of a large mural for the new Kroger. Now, he has a famed spot at one of the largest grocery store chains in America.

Lundy was chosen by Kroger out of a large group of area artists to create a 12.5-foot-by-5-foot mural to reflect the culture and mindset of the neighborhood while complementing the overall aesthetic of the region.

His mural, titled “Growth,” depicts the small community in Dawson County experiencing natural and organic growth. Lundy used the planting of a pumpkin seed to represent life in its infancy. As a local teacher, he wanted to represent building, not with bricks and mortar, but with children to model the developmental growth fostered through Dawson’s excellent schools.

At Kroger’s request, the Bowen Center for the Arts played the managing role of gathering the list of initial artists and moving through all contractural phases.

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Photo Below courtesy of John Seibel Photography, John Seibel Photographer 


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