As a kid I was always drawing and building something. My Mother was an accomplished artist and I guess, creativity runs in my genes. I was introduced to oil painting years ago, by a well-known Atlanta artist, Elsie Dresch, who was my teacher. Many years past by and then by chance, we reconnected after I saw her business card at Bowen Art Center. When I gave her a call, it’s like we had never lost touch.
I loved drafting and designing homes and then building them. After early retirement I enjoyed my handyman business and then phased into “Shop Art”. This is my art, experimenting with building materials, drywall filler, house paint and masonite. Paintings don’t have to be flat and my handle became “3dDave”, three dimensional. I naturally build many of my painting frames.

My amazing wife supported my shop art and has now encouraged me to return to oil painting. We pick a subject, paint together and have so much fun supporting our creativity and this wonderful hobby. It is so rewarding to see the finished product.


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