FRED DORR BIO: For my Art major, I attended two years at the University of Washington and two years at the University of Puget Sound. Both schools had good Art and Craft courses.The University of Washington gave me the basics in several areas and the University of Puget Sound, I studied mostly oil and watercolor painting.

After graduating, the Draft was still active so I avoided the Army and joining the Air Force. No art there but I stayed for twenty years to “first” retirement. I then went to work for Lockheed as a test pilot. I was also a teacher for customers who purchased airplanes, and trained most of the overseas customers both in the US and their countries. One year, I went around the world twice delivering and training in the customer’s airplanes. When I was home, I picked up the brushes and started painting again. I retired from Lockheed in 2002 and start painting more frequently.  That was when I really got into watercolors and cut back on the other mediums.  I still have acrylics but I seem to work more in watercolors.

I have sold paintings to friends but the market to sell artwork in North Georgia is slim. Now I have a stock of watercolors and some acrylics which are filling up the furnace room. I work from photos that I have taken or a customer’s photos. I paint  dogs, wildlife and vehicles and am presently painting an eagle sitting on a tree branch. I imagine you will see it in The Bowen Arts Center sometime in the future.

The Bowen’s Featured Member Display is sponsored thanks to 2020 Presenting Sponsor MEDICAL PLAZA 400, Northeast Georgia Health System. Fred Dorr’s work was on display July 2020. Thank you Fred!

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