I’m so grateful for the gift of painting in my life, thanks to my amazing Mother, who is herself, a brilliant artist. I never imagined that I would even attempt to paint, as art was just not a passion for me growing up.

I did not go to school to study art, nor had I ever pursued the thought of painting or drawing, or anything of the like. I agreed to paint one time with my Mother as a way of spending time with her. Little did I know that this one-time adventure would turn out to be such a love and passion.

Mothers it seems have a way of discerning, uncovering and nourishing the gifts inside their children. Even if it seemingly takes an entire lifetime- as in, FOREVER- the tenacity of a loving mother is undefeatable. I believe God has given them the gift of supernatural strength, patience and love.

As my painting journey has progressed, I find myself absolutely loving painting outdoors on scene- plein air oils is what I love best. I love painting larger canvases when possible, often wielding palette knife with thick, juicy paint for lot’s of texture and character.

I find painting to be great therapy for ‘crazy life’, something we’ve all had way too much of lately. Immersing yourself in the deep beauty of nature will not only relax you and energize you, but it will shake your soul awake. There’s much for us all to discover, great treasures right before our eyes and often in our own backyards and hometowns- hidden in plain sight.

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