As I reflect on my life and how I got started into painting, it was when I got laid off from the Corporate World and decided to retire. When I lost my adoptive Mom, I felt such a void in my life. Elsie was an artist herself and has always encouraged me to paint. I finally took her advice to explore painting and much to my amazement, I loved my new found hobby. It’s amazing how painting has helped me heal and I can feel Elsie’s spirit. It’s never easy losing a loved one. To get me through the grieving process, painting was my refuge. I first began with watercolors. Painting very quickly turned into a passion. I would get up during the middle of the night and paint for hours. I checked out art books at the library, flipped through tutorial books and magazines, watched YouTube and got ideas from Pinterest. Friends would email me beautiful photographs they have taken.

During the pandemic and especially when I lost my biological Mom, it was another low point in my life. My neighbor, Brenda came to my rescue and got me hooked on oil painting. This also led to my husband, Dave getting back into painting. We would paint side by side. He would guide me and teach me to be more carefree with my brush strokes as I was very meticulous and slow. I know with practice I will become more carefree and confident. Painting not only helped me heal but also boost my confidence. What a wonderful outlet to express creativity.


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