Being a gardener, I took up art in December of 2017 when it was too cold to play in the dirt. Hobby Lobby was offering art classes and I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, I discovered I could draw! Thanks to my art teacher, Carol Weaver who believed that I have talent. She told me anyone can paint and those who are learning will try harder and succeed. She introduced me to watercolors. 

Painting very quickly turned into a passion. I painted day and night, I dreamed how I could improve my painting. I would get up during the middle of the night and painted for hours. I checked out art books at the library, flipped through magazines, watched YouTube and got ideas from Pinterest. Friends would email me beautiful photographs they have taken.

Then I started to take art classes at the Senior Center. My art teacher, Carol Kinzie is so talented and brings the best out of each of her students. She is so inspirational and makes the class fun. She demonstrates techniques to enhance our paintings. 

What inspired me to learn how to paint was this adorable lady and close friend, Elsie Dresch, a famous artist. She was so dear to us that we called her our adopted Mom. She painted every day up to her 90’s and passed away at 92. I felt such a great loss and a big void in my life. I missed her vitality for life and enthusiasm to express herself through art. She encouraged me to paint as she told me I am creative with my gardening, cooking and baking. I do feel her anointing, along with GOD, guiding my paintbrush and helping me select the colors for my paintings. And I do feel closer to her when I paint.

Then I also have my husband, Dave who inspires me too. He’s an artist who uses building materials to produce beautiful shop art. He also loves to paint boats. He helps critique my work as I sometimes struggle with color. Then he helps me frame my work.

Then my sister, Jennifer who works at Hobby Lobby comes up with brilliant ideas and buys me art supplies. I get my inspiration from so many sources. Painting has opened a whole new world and has opened doors for me. I noticed myself paying more attention to details and surroundings. It has been a learning process each day.


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