Tom Reed Graduated from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach, FL back in the days of Film and darkrooms. He worked in a variety of photography jobs, mainly in audio-visual business when slides were done with multiple projectors. He was also a freelance photographer for NASCAR covering Major stock car races.

Tom recently retired after 20 years as a chief photographer for the Gainesville Times. While working at the Times, he covered every type of assignment including sports, spot news, and features. He also had the opportunity to cover the World Series and the Olympics. During his tenure at the Times, he made the transition to digital photography. Since retiring he has been able to spend time working on the photography he enjoys, rather than what was assigned to him, mainly landscapes and travel photography.

Tom has also had time to work on a variety of editing and enhancing programs for photography. His website has a link to Fine Art America where he shows a variety of the type of photography he enjoys doing.

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